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GearAnime Vegeta Blue Sneakers Custom Anime Dragon Ball Shoes

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Vegeta Blue Sneakers Custom Anime Dragon Ball Z Shoes

All of our Anime Shoes like Air 1 styles are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to the highest quality standards.

  • High-quality rubber sole for traction and exceptional durability.
  • Lace-up closure for a snug fit.
  • Material: Microfibre leather: chemical & abrasion resistance . anti-crease . aging resistance
  • Eco-friendly and 100% Vegan.
  • Designed by GearAnime

Please allow 10-15 business days to receive a tracking number while your order is hand-crafted . packaged and shipped from our facility. The estimated shipping time is 7-10 business days.

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Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race. He is the eldest son of King Vegeta . the older brother of Tarble . the husband of Bulma . the father of Trunks and Bulla . and the ancestor of Vegeta Jr. - Fandom